Key Issues

We need to defend our police, not defund them. My father spent most of his career working for the St. Louis Police Department. My late cousin, that was like my older brother, spent over 20 years as a St. Louis Homicide detective. My family would disown me for ever voting to defund the police!

I am pro-life and I believe that we must all protect the unborn.

I am pro-gun and will always defend the second amendment. I was held up at gunpoint when I was a young man, and I believe that everyone has the right to defend themself.

I am for working families. Others talk about creating jobs, but I have taken action and gotten results.

While on the Arnold City Council, I sponsored the “fast track” ordinance that cuts red tape for the permit process, which has encouraged factories to locate and expand in Arnold. This created millions of dollars in construction jobs, and real, ongoing high-wage factory employment.

I believe it is a parent’s right to have local control in schools. I will fight to make sure your child doesn’t have to sit and listen to someone else’s liberal agenda.